Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Third Day

1.  I want to ask about how does the machine actually manage to pull the material when we are doing the Tensile testing and how did the teachers from NTU actually know what is the speed to pull the material. Another question would be the full process of the making of composite materials engineering course.

2. I definitely had gained knowledge from the professors and also the teachers as we did the hands on experiment and we had fun when we were doing the experiment.  The theory that the professors had told us were relevant and those research that they had done is very detailed. They also went to the real place to feel it for themselves so that they will be able to get the correct information.

Overall I think that the camp was fun and enriching and I hope that the secondary 1 students will get a chance to come to NTU so that they can learn better. I think that it will also be a good chance for them to come to NTU so that they will be able to understand the courses better which will help them in the choosing of the Applied Subject (AS).

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