Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First Day

1. I think that the technology involve to actually find out the electron and also to examine the objects with the electron beam. I also think that it would be fun collecting the samples when doing the experiment. I would also like to try out the things that are used to test out the experiment that we will be doing and I hope that the results will turn out great when I finisht the experiment.

2. I think that I can find out more about the electron when I actually do the hands-on experiment. I can also be able to find out more about the apparatus that is used during the activity and how the things are operated. I also hope to learn more about how the electron will help to perhaps get a more accurate results for the experiment. 

3.I wanna know how is the apparatus in the experiment used?
   I also wanna know what is the actual effect of the electron microscope.

Plenary Session

1. I learnt that Stratigraphy is the study of layers in the earth from the first session and also how does the layers are actually form. I had also learnt about how the island will submerge and emerge from the water.

2. I learnt that the challenges for 2D includes the beautiful artform which needs skilled artist and the budget. The labour is also very intensive for the artist. I had also got the rough idea of how the 2D movie is actually formed. It has many processes involve and the cost of the movie to work out.

3. I learnt that nanometre is one billionth of a metre and the diameter of your hair is 80000 nanometre. This has actually interest me quite a lot as I will want to go and look at the diameter of the hair and see how small is the nanometre as I have never really have another chance to try it.

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