Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Third Day

1.  I want to ask about how does the machine actually manage to pull the material when we are doing the Tensile testing and how did the teachers from NTU actually know what is the speed to pull the material. Another question would be the full process of the making of composite materials engineering course.

2. I definitely had gained knowledge from the professors and also the teachers as we did the hands on experiment and we had fun when we were doing the experiment.  The theory that the professors had told us were relevant and those research that they had done is very detailed. They also went to the real place to feel it for themselves so that they will be able to get the correct information.

Overall I think that the camp was fun and enriching and I hope that the secondary 1 students will get a chance to come to NTU so that they can learn better. I think that it will also be a good chance for them to come to NTU so that they will be able to understand the courses better which will help them in the choosing of the Applied Subject (AS).

Second Day

1. I went for all the courses that I signed up for and it was actually quite interesting  because I got to try out the different process of making the end product. Even though we can't try the SEM but then we had tried the stimulation to see how to operate the machine and the TIC also showed us how to do it.

2. I had learnt about the meaning of the different terms and I have also tried the process which is enriching and good for me to know more. Example of the processes is the making of the composite material even though we could know see the finishing process. I had also learn how to correctly operate the Scanning electron Microscope even though we did not try how but we had actually learnt through the stimulation.

3.I think that the activity is actually interesting and enriching for us to learn more. I would definitely recommend the secondary 1 students this year to come to NTU to learn more about the projects that they are interested in. I think that it has affected my discipline as I heard from the lecturers that we need to go through the courses before we operate which will require patience and this is a value that is necessary when we are doing projects. This may apply when we are doing chemical projects as we may not be able to do it right at the first time and we need time to learn before we can actually start doing the experiments. I think that looking at the SEM machine has let me learn a lot I have never seen the type of machine before. I would like to try out the machine sometime.

Bennett Neoh (209)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First Day

1. I think that the technology involve to actually find out the electron and also to examine the objects with the electron beam. I also think that it would be fun collecting the samples when doing the experiment. I would also like to try out the things that are used to test out the experiment that we will be doing and I hope that the results will turn out great when I finisht the experiment.

2. I think that I can find out more about the electron when I actually do the hands-on experiment. I can also be able to find out more about the apparatus that is used during the activity and how the things are operated. I also hope to learn more about how the electron will help to perhaps get a more accurate results for the experiment. 

3.I wanna know how is the apparatus in the experiment used?
   I also wanna know what is the actual effect of the electron microscope.

Plenary Session

1. I learnt that Stratigraphy is the study of layers in the earth from the first session and also how does the layers are actually form. I had also learnt about how the island will submerge and emerge from the water.

2. I learnt that the challenges for 2D includes the beautiful artform which needs skilled artist and the budget. The labour is also very intensive for the artist. I had also got the rough idea of how the 2D movie is actually formed. It has many processes involve and the cost of the movie to work out.

3. I learnt that nanometre is one billionth of a metre and the diameter of your hair is 80000 nanometre. This has actually interest me quite a lot as I will want to go and look at the diameter of the hair and see how small is the nanometre as I have never really have another chance to try it.